Michael van Gerwen Wins The Match Against Phil Taylor

The 25 years old professional darts player from Netherlands, Michael van Gerwen currently holds the topmost position in the league table of Betway Premier League after he defeated the 54 years old English Pro Dart player, Philip Douglas Taylor on Thursday, 12th March. Van Gerwen won 7-3 against Phil Taylor in that match. The event took place in Capital FM Arena which is in Nottingham and the total number of spectators present there was more than six thousand. The 37 years old English pro Boxer and four times World Champion Carl Froch was present there.

Van Gerwen said that he couldn’t imagine any better result than this. Van Gerwen and Phil Taylor are regarded as two of the best dart players in the world. On the eighth leg, Van Gerwen managed to score 180 which was the first one of the match. it was clear that both the players were indeed nervous in the first seven legs of the match. He said that it was not at all easy for both of them at the start of the match. He also said that the determination to win was very high in both of them due to the fact that the winner of that match would secure for himself the topmost position in the league table of the Betway Premier League.

Van Gerwen said that it was known to him that in order to win, he would have to fully utilise every opportunity he would get and he expressed his happiness at the fact that he has been able to do that finally.

On that same night, Raymond Van Barneveld was defeated by James wade 7-3. Adrian Lewis suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Gary Anderson. Lewis lost the match to Anderson 7-1. Peter Wright became the winner of the match against Kim Huybrechts. Wright won the match 7-5.