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What next for Frank Mir?

The fight card for the most recent pay per view of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC at UFC 169 featured two Heavyweight fighters in need of a result. Frank Mir took on Alistair Overeem inside the cage with both knowing they had to perform if they wanted to remain a part of the promotion.

Mir did not and suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of the Dutchman and with his recent showing inside the cage being very poor; it raises the question whether his future still lies in the UFC.

Mir loves to fight but it is also true that his days as a top Heavyweight are numbered. There are no indications yet that the UFC will release him but should they do, he doesn’t have a lot of options left.

If the UFC does retain Frank Mir, even then he will not be considered a top draw fight and the UFC might use him as a gatekeeper for up and coming Heavyweights to go through. Or they could put him in matches that he is favored to win and if he manages to put together a run, they can give him a shot at the title.

There was a time when Mir could sell out crowds with his skills inside the cage and his skills in trash talking. Over time, his skills inside the cage have diminished but he is still a top draw for fans.

And this makes him a unique prospect for Bellator, the second biggest Mixed Martial Arts promotion in the world. Although the gulf in class is huge between Bellator and the UFC, it could use someone like Frank Mir build a reputation and move ahead in the game and with Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson already a part of the team, could set up a high stakes match with him as well.

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Frank Mir Interview – UFC FOX 7 presents Frank Mir vs. Daniel Cormier

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Hendricks hopeful of Georges St. Pierre return

Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC recently stated that deep down in his heart, he believes long reigning UFC Welterweight Championship holder Georges St. Pierre will return to the UFC Octagon one day and bring the curtains down on his self imposed exile from the sport.

And Johnny Hendricks, one of his prized fighters in the 170 lbs weight category in the absence of the legendary GSP agrees with him as well.

Hendricks suffered a controversial decision defeat at the hands of Rush in November at UFC 167 and he will now face up against Robbie Lawler in a match for a UFC Welterweight Championship vacated by the Canadian earlier this month.

Hendricks believes if GSP is anything like he himself is, he will return to the UFC – sooner rather than later. He stated that whenever he quit wrestling, it took him only five months before he was crying out for a return to the ring again. Hendricks stated that it was just the competitor in him that still wanted to be an elite wrestler but he transferred to Mixed Martial Arts.

He admitted that he doesn’t know what Georges St. Pierre could transfer over to that could feed his drive but if he were anything like him, he would get tired of life without any pressure to prove anything and will crave for a return to the UFC Octagon.

One could certainly venture the guess that with Dana White commenting that he sees GSP returning, a lot of what Hendricks expects could be wishful thinking on his part as well. But Hendricks also added that although he doesn’t know for sure whether Georges St. Pierre will return, he added that if he does, he hopes to be there to meet him in a match.