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Georges St. Pierre still has fight left in him, says trainer

Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC has confirmed that he will have no other option but to give Georges St. Pierre a shot for the UFC Welterweight Championship if he wanted that if and when he decides to come back to the promotion.

According to White, it would be completely up to Rush to decide what match he would want and this means that he could try and regain the title he vacated before going off on a sabbatical.

He mentioned that he will find it extremely hard to deny GSP what he wants when he comes back to the promotion; mentioning that he will get a shot at the title if he wants or fight someone else before setting up a championship match, and it will all be up to the Canadian to decide.

Georges St. Pierre reigned for five and a half long years as the divisional champion, his second reign, before vacating the title last year after claiming that he needed to turn his focus on his personal life and took an indefinite break from the sport.

His trainer, the legendary Firas Zahabi recently claimed that Rush still has a love for the sport and might be tempted to come back. Zahabi stated that he believes GSP still has a lot of fight left in him and he could fight for another three or four years.

He admitted that the Canadian is nowhere near top condition to fight right now but given time, he will get back into shape. But it all depends on him and he could easily decide to retire altogether right now and no one could blame him for that.

But according to him, Georges St. Pierre still has some unfinished business in the UFC that he wants resolved.

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